If there’s one thing you can count on with your dedicated Pawlytics team is that we’re always listening and we’re always working towards the next big thing. Recently, we announced how we upgraded our e-contracts to include line item initialing (read more about that here!), and now we’re ready to announce an even more exciting upgrade for donation, adoption fee, and payment collections! Read on to learn how running credit card payments for your animal rescue is going to get even better.

Customize your animal rescue website’s donation widget

What’s more important than making sure potential donors coming to your animal rescue website know who you are and what their money is going to support? With the new donor widget, not only can you customize the explainer message at the top of the donation box, but also your preset donation amounts, and even the color of your buttons! You can also set the donation levels for whatever suits your animal rescue’s needs and even title them to tell your generous benefactors exactly what they’re supplying for your rescue pets.

Donors can now also choose to cover the processing fee for their transaction ensuring 100% of their donation will go to your animal rescue.

And were your eyes sharp enough to see the difference between the two example photos above? 👀👀

That’s right! You can now have your donation box customized to your animal rescue website colors!! 🎉 (Not just shades of green, we promise. 😉)

Make donating or paying an adoption fee as simple and obvious as possible.

I’m sure you’ve had to chase down an adoption fee before. What if instead, you had a secondary payment box so you could also preset your adoption fees? So many animal rescues have different fees depending on the age of the animal being adopted or a discounted adoption fee if someone is adopting more than one pet. Instead of having to remind your adopters of their obligation or having to wait for them to read back through their e-contract for the agreed upon adoption fee, set up a second donation widget that’s preset for your adoption amounts!

Now it’s as easy as sending them the link, adopters and donors clicking the right button, and boom! Payment complete.

Upgrades to assist your bookkeeping

But that’s just the widget right? What else is new? Well, the upgrades don’t stop there, fur-iends! Once a donor has entered their payment information, they’ll now be able to comment if they’re donating towards a specific fundraising campaign or maybe to sponsor a pet’s adoption fee, and this comment you’ll see in your new notification email!

Now as you track the payments and donations coming into your animal rescue, you’ll be able to properly assign them to what fundraising campaign is working the best for you or which adoptable pet bios are getting the most attention for people willing to help. The data’s the thing!

If you’re a current Pawlytics rescue and haven’t already got your payment processing set up, head to the knowledge base to find out everything you need to get started. Or feel free to email or use the live chat to learn more. 😊

If you’re new to Pawlytics and searching for an animal rescue management software, sign up for our 14-day free trial or click here to book a live demo with our team! We look forward to meeting with you and sharing all the ways you’re going to love your decision to join. 😉