For about a year now, Pawlytics has been offering Website Development and Hosting to any rescue needing to refresh their online presence, or to new rescues looking to make their mark online. Now, we’re so proud to announce that our website package will also include your own custom embeddable pet list! 🥳🐾

With this upgrade, you can choose exactly which pets you want to showcase online, not just the ones you’ve got up on Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet!

Let’s start with building your animal rescue website

In case you weren’t aware before now, your website can be powered by Pawlytics! Up until now, most animal rescues have had to rely on generous volunteers with technical skills and knowledge to create and maintain a website in their free time. They can create the website in a sitting or two probably, but trying to pin them down to make any updates? They’ve had a long day too, they’ve got kids to take care of, they’ll get to it tonight, promise! Zzzzzzzz. Oops, tomorrow night, promise. 😅

Sure, there are also options to purchase a website, but those options require you to do all kinds of work yourself – most time-consuming of all, writing your own copy! Who has the time?? That’s why you want to choose Pawlytics – we know animal rescue, because we are animal rescuers.

Our Web Developurr Program will get your website up and running with minimal work from you. We just need your logo, your mission statement, and what services or animal rescue programs your organization provides. Optionally, if you’re not a fan of stock images, you can send us some of your best photos and voila! You can have a new, beautiful website that’s custom tailored to your rescue. Best of all, since this is our day job, you’ll never have to wait for IT support again.

Automatically display adoptable pets on your website (or any pets, really)

This is probably the thing that takes up the most time for anyone maintaining your animal rescue website. Yes, the original copy takes a while, but that’s one and done, this is an ongoing project! You’ve got animals ready to go home, you’ve got animals in need of fosters, you’ve got animals who desperately need to be sponsored so they can get the medical care they’ve been waiting on!

Enter our newest upgrade to your website package – your own, custom pet listing iFrame! This is an embeddable pet list that we custom-build for you and what pets you want displayed. This list is going to pull directly from your Pawlytics database, and are you sitting down? It updates automatically, in an instant. We’re not kidding! If you want your pet list to show all of your adoptable puppies only, the second you hit the adoptable status on a young pup, you’ll see him appear on your website. Seriously, try it out. It’s pretty cool if we do say so ourselves. 😎

This custom pet list shows everything you would normally see, and that people normally search for on a pet listing site. We’ve just made it 10x better because it comes with zero branding, keeps people on your website, links to your custom application (not a general inquiry form), AND (like everything with Pawlytics) it’s mobile friendly! Oh yea, did I mention you can have as many as you want? You could even keep one locked behind a private page or password protected page if you want to show pets needing tagged by your rescue partners. The options are limitless.

Available to anyone using Pawlytics animal rescue management software

While we’ve always advertised that our websites are for any animal rescue, the pet listing iFrame is of course exclusive to those using Pawlytics as their animal rescue management software. This is because the tool is directly talking with your database in order to show your pets on your website. What this also means, is that the service is available to any rescue, on any continent.

If you’re new to Pawlytics and would like to learn more, please feel free to email hello@pawlytics.com or sign up for your free trial today, and we’ll contact you!