Making sure all pets with a home can make it back home.

It cannot be overstated that Pawlytics is a company on a mission to change animal welfare as we know it. Our dedication is aimed at reducing the number of healthy, homeless pets euthanized, and we execute that mission from all angles. From streamlining the process of intake to adoption so adoptable pets spend less time in care, to setting up newly adopted pets and their owners for long term success. This mission is the foundation for our newest partnership with AKC Reunite.

Did you know that approximately 10 million pets go missing in the United States every year? Did you know that without a microchip or tag, only 15% of lost dogs and only 2% of lost cats will ever be returned to their loving humans? The figures get worse from there! According to a recent article published by Human Animal Support Services (HASS) based on their 2022 research, just having the microchip isn’t enough as only 57% of microchipped dogs and a heartbreaking 22% of microchipped cats made it back home, leaving the rest to fill up valuable kennel space in animal shelters across the nation.


🐾 “Often when microchips go unregistered after an adoption, lost pets end up in a rescue or shelter’s care until their home is relocated.” Says Lizz Whitacre, Founder and CEO of Pawlytics, “In a time where intake is high, keeping pets out of the shelter to begin with is a serious and urgent matter that we want to take part in solving.”


This is where our partnership with AKC Reunite comes into play! AKC Reunite is the nation’s largest non-profit pet microchip and recovery service. Like us, their mission includes being completely accessible for animal rescues and pet owners alike, by being affordable and simple to purchase and register your pets’ microchips.


AKC Reunite: The way home for lost pets

Celebrating 28 years in service this year, AKC Reunite is a dedicated microchip and pet recovery service. That means this is their only purpose, so they operate in-house without adding any confusing third parties into the mix. With 3 regional representatives, you as an animal rescue or you as a pet owner know exactly who to contact and how to make sure your pets’ microchips are being registered. They ensure your animal rescue will always know if and when a pet gets lost, surrendered, or found and returned safely home.


🐾 “The whole landscape has changed where the rescue organization is not always part of the process,” says Dallas Harsa, VP of sales and marketing for AKC Reunite, “we’re very rescue friendly with options to lock your information as a primary or alternate contact.”


AKC Reunite proves their level of service by offering multiple avenues to reach your dedicated representative via phone, text, or email Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.  And, if you ever have a lost pet emergency, you can reach a member of their Reuniters Helpline anytime at (800) 252-7894, 24-7-365 (366 every 4 years 😉).


Why AKC Reunite?

As a 501c3 giving back over $11 million in donations and grants to both pet disaster relief and working K9 programs, the better question is why not? Who better to trust your pet recovery service to than someone who’s boots on the ground with you? Is this starting to sound familiar to another company you love? 👋😎

“We are so excited to partner with a microchip registration service that puts the animals first,” says Lizz Whitacre again, “By working together to get pets registered to their new adopters within minutes of adoption, we’re ensuring that in the event they are lost, they make it back home.”

To date, AKC Reunite has already helped bring home over 650,000 pets! Click here to read about a surprising twist when lost cat, Sushi, was found after almost 2 years with the help of AKC Reunite!

From your average, humble cats and dogs, to the wild alligator or emu, AKC Reunite doesn’t discriminate who (or what 🦆) you call your loving pet. They just know that in the event of a lost pet emergency, it’s their job to help get them back to you safely. They’re super excited for the opportunity to reach even more animal rescues through this partnership with Pawlytics, and even offered a Pawlytics exclusive discount* for your animal rescue or shelter to purchase microchips with a lifetime enrollment at half price!


PAWnder This

Based on the 2022 research conducted by HASS pilot shelters, we know that lost pets with microchips are three times more likely to make it back home. Based on their data set, a mind-boggling 82% of found pets DID NOT have a microchip! It’s now more crucial than ever to make sure your rescue pet and even your own pets at home stay out of the animal shelters that are inundated with strays and owner surrenders as they’re forced to euthanize for lack of space. A heartbreaking reality that Pawlytics and AKC Reunite refuse to neglect.

When the Pawlytics team met with the representatives from AKC Reunite, it felt like talking to our own. They all have the same passion for pets and the same drive to make the world a safer place for animals that we do. We learned during our first meeting that some of their representatives are also very active in their own animal rescue communities – fostering, doing shelter evaluations, and organizing transports, so it really was a no brainer to partner with this amazing team.

Preventing the needless euthanasia of healthy pets doesn’t stop at adoption. It continues through the life of that pet with their new owners. Through education, community outreach, and heartfelt customer support, there’s no end to the benefits of working with a company that believes in and embodies your mission and your values; but when two of them team up to help? You can bet your life’s about to get a whole heckin’ lot easier.


*This discount is exclusive to Pawlytics rescues only, if you’d like to learn more, please feel free to email support@pawlytics.com or start your free trial today!