Ensuring the Bond Between New Adopter and Rescue Pet

At the foundation of Pawlytics is a mission to innovate animal welfare, but the mission is a hefty one, and we can’t go it alone. Enter Petcademy! At the foundation of Petcademy is a vision to create a world where no animal is surrendered due to behavioral problems. Their innovative, mobile friendly, virtual program is working to keep rescue pets in their newfound home by reinforcing the bond between adopter and adopted through quality training time.


Petcademy: Paving the Way for the Benefit of Pets

In 2018, co-founder Bailey adopted a beautiful Chow Chow named Harry. Unfortunately, this floofy, golden-eyed boy came with a slew of behavioral issues. He was leash reactive, anxious, showing signs of aggression, and not knowing how to help him, Bailey reached out to a behaviorist and trainer near her. Through months of training with some amazingly patient and knowledgeable people, she learned how to help Harry better acclimate to his new world and settle into his life with her. If not for this successful training and behavioral support, she never would have been able to keep Harry, and she never would have experienced the beautiful life full of weekend adventures together!

This is why Petcademy was founded, to support rescues in:
🐾 Reducing returns by providing accessible behavioral support to every new adopter and foster
🐾 Increasing the baseline knowledge of current adopters/fosters through relevant and digestible online courses and training material
🐾 Improving efficiency by automating the foster and post-adoption communication
🐾 Diverting intakes by providing pre-surrender support to pet parents considering surrender!


Why Petcademy?

We, as animal rescuers, are constantly looking out for the animals in our care. We understand that their entire world changes every time they switch locations, we understand the stress and anxiety this often imposes on them, and we preach the rule of 3s as if it’s the answer to those problems. In many cases it is, because animals are resilient and adaptable, but in many cases it’s not, because animals aren’t the only ones experiencing a change.

New adopters need just as much support as the newly adopted, but we often don’t have time to hand hold every adopter through the myriad of behavioral ticks a shelter or rescue pet can go through. By offering Petcademy to your adopters, you’re offering them the support they need to properly support their new family member.


PAWnder This

There are 1.6 million dogs adopted in North America each year, and Petcademy believes that each and every one of these pet parents should have access to the type of support Bailey received for Harry. We at Pawlytics could not agree more. It’s no secret that proper training for both human and pet are crucial to a long, happy life together; we’re thrilled to be able to introduce this FANGtastic partnership to provide that!
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