Protecting Rescue Pets with Insurance Coverage 

Pawlytics is on a mission to transform the animal welfare space by using data to help as many homeless pets as possible. To do this we need to form incredible partnerships with other companies who put pets first. Companion Protect is doing just that!

Companion Protect was started after the founder had to rush their dog to the emergency room one late night. While waiting at the emergency vet, they overheard multiple conversations from people who were having to euthanize or give pets up when they were hit with massive, unexpected vet bills. They were heartbroken for those families and wanted to help solve this problem. After that night, Companion Protect was formed. The Pawlytics team could not be more excited to announce this new partnership!

Companion Protect offers pet insurance coverage designed to keep rescued pets in homes and out of shelters. With Companion Protect as a partner, the animal rescues Pawlytics work with can now provide a comprehensive and affordable insurance option to adopters directly from the our platform.

“We know pet insurance helps keep pets with their families,” said Lizz Whitacre, Pawlytics CEO and Founder. “Our hope is this partnership will lead to even more happy, successful adoptions through Pawlytics. We are excited for the future between our two companies!”

Companion Protect: Driven by a Passion for Pets

Founded in 2015, Companion Protect combines their consumer insurance expertise with a passion for animal welfare—all with the mission of enhancing and extending the lives of dogs and cats.

Driven by an animal-centric vision and purpose, Companion Protect started out by offering insurance products to pet parents via animal shelters and vet clinics, and their partnerships have now grown to include some of the biggest names in insurance and retail. 

Why Pet Insurance? 3 Quick Things to Know

No adopter should have to choose between the care their pet needs and what they can afford. Here are three great ways Companion Protect pet insurance makes that possible.  

#1. Budget-Friendly Coverage Offers Peace of Mind

With vet care costs on the rise, it can be difficult to know how much a pet’s next vet bill will cost. By protecting adopted pets with Companion Protect, however, pet parents can defend their furry BFFs from an uncertain future with:

  • 90% coverage for accidents, illnesses, and injuries
  • Low $100 deductible
  • No pricing discrimination based on breed
  • No deductible for prescriptions

Did we mention that alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and others are covered, too? With cost-effective yet comprehensive coverage, adopters won’t have to worry about affording the care their pet needs when they need it. 

#2. Total Coverage Transparency

No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but not understanding up front what’s considered an excluded pre-existing condition can be incredibly frustrating —especially when your claim is denied. 

Fortunately, Companion Protect values complete transparency with their customers. That’s why they clearly indicate at enrollment which pre-existing conditions will be excluded from a policy. Not only does this allow adopters to always know what to expect when it’s time use their coverage, but it also allows claims to be reimbursed quickly. It’s a win-win all around. 

#3. No Waiting Periods, No Loopholes

Unlike other pet insurance programs, which will incentivize a 30-day free period and then limit coverage during that time frame, Companion Protect offers full coverage from the moment of enrollment…because you never know when an accident or injury will happen! 

Final thing to PAWnder

When the opportunity came for Pawlytics and Companion Protect to work together, we knew this would be the PURRfect match. Both of our companies are in it for the pets and their families. We know being able to provide pet parents with the option to protect their four-legged friends at adoption will set them up for many happy years to come!

Learn more about Companion Protect today!