Paperwork. The most thrilling part of animal rescue, right?! With Pawlytics’ new e-contract feature, it might be now! 😉
The Pawlytics team is incredibly excited to now offer e-contracts as part of our list of features! Use our e-contracts for your animal rescues or animal shelter to seamlessly integrate your contract process. From adoption contracts to volunteer and foster contracts, the sky is the limit! 🚀
Check out more about the PAWsome new feature below….

Introducing the E-Contracts feature!

The Pawlytics e-contract feature allows you to create custom contracts and send them out for signature to anyone in your Pawlytics database. Forget the days of paper contracts or multiple folders stored on your computer! 🎉 Save time and headache by sending and storing your contracts all from Pawlytics!

What can I do with this new feature?!

  • Create an unlimited number of custom e-contracts and store them all in Pawlytics
  • Send the contracts to any person within your Pawlytics database
  • Have the signor sign the e-contract right from their phone or computer
  • Store the contracts in the person’s profile and pet’s profile (if applicable)
  • Automatically send the signor a PDF copy of their e-contract
  • Receive an auto-notification when the e-contract has been signed

Save precious time by sending your pre-made e-contracts to anyone within your Pawlytics database!

Simply click into the pet or person’s profile and send the e-contract. The person will get an email notification with your org’s name requesting their signature. They will click on the link to sign the e-contract. They can do this right from their phone or computer. Once signed, they will get a PDF copy send to their email and you will be notified the e-contract has been completed. Then, the e-contract is automatically stored in the person’s and pet’s profile for easy access any time you need!

If you’re a Pawlytics customer, set your e-contract up now! Head to the knowledgebase (either through the link on your dashboard or from the chat bubble) for step-by-step instructions on how to create and send your first e-contracts. If you are not yet a Pawlytics user, you can sign up for our 14-day free trial to test out this feature along with everything else Pawlytics offers as animal rescue software! Have questions? Send us a direct message here, or sign up for a demo! We’d love to meet you and see if we may be able to help you streamline your life-saving efforts!!

Simplify your rescue’s operations with Pawlytics e-contracts!