We can’t think of anyone who got into animal rescue to make money. Of course not! We all got into this because we are passionate about animals and saving their sweet lives. Nonetheless, to do this life-saving we need money to pay the bills. Pawlytics is here to help!

Introducing the Pawlytics Payments feature!

In your Pawlytics account, you can now take and process payments to easily take adoption fees, donations, and more! Use this new feature to track your payments over time and be able to reference the money coming into your organization.

Offering the Industry’s Lowest Convenience Fee

We know that every penny that comes toward your rescue or shelter counts. For that reason, we have worked to offer the lowest convenience fee in the animal shelter and animal rescue software marketplace…2.9%!

From the Payments Tab you can enter credit card payments and also track offline payments:

Pawlytics will automatically send a payment receipt to the payor to confirm payment to your animal rescue or animal shelter:

Start processing payments!

If you’re a Pawlytics customer, you can get this process started now! Search the knowledge base for step-by-step instructions to set up your account for payment processing. If you are not yet a Pawlytics user, you can sign up for our 14-day free trial to test out this feature along with everything else Pawlytics offers as animal rescue software! Have questions? Send us a direct message here, or sign up for a demo! We’d love to meet you and see if we may be able to help you streamline your life-saving efforts!!

PAWcess payments and keep saving lives! ❤️