Are you in need of a little inspiration to help boost your shelter’s or rescue’s social media posts? We’ve got you covered! Check out these effective tips that could help get more animals adopted!

  1. Ask your staff, volunteers, and fosters to share your posts – If you feel like your social media posts have been getting less traffic, ask your shelter’s or rescue’s staff, volunteers, and/or fosters to share your social media posts about adoptable pets. They are already dedicated to your organization, so many of them will be more than happy to spread the word about pets that need adopted on their social media. This will help your posts about adoptable pets reach a broader and possibly brand new audience. The more shares the better!
  2. Use CanvaCanva is an amazing design program that allows you easily to create custom graphics you can add to your social media posts. They have pre-made templates you can use with colorful graphics, and you can upload your own photos to add to these templates. A pretty image will help draw attention to your post. We use Canva at Pawlytics!
  3. Use Nice Pictures – We’ve all struggled with trying to get a good photo of the squirmy puppy or kitten, but a good photo could be the difference between people stopping to look on social media or scrolling on by. Put a call out for a volunteer with photography skills, many people would be happy to donate time to help pets get adopted. Then, you can use these beautiful photos in your posts to help these pets get adopted!
  4. Use language and graphics that alert the public –  If your shelter is full, and you need to move animals through asap, use an alerting color, like red, and include graphics like a megaphone, a stop sign, or a red alert light. These will draw the reader’s attention and get them to stop. Then, have language in your post and on your graphic that alerts them to the severity of the situation. It is recommended to reserve these types of posts for times that your shelter or rescue is truly in need.
  5. Engage with your audience – When people comment on your posts, be sure you are engaging with them. You can like and reply to their comment. This could potentially bring them back to your post about the pet and can encourage others to comment on the post as well, which helps the post gain traction on social media.

We hope these tips help engage your audience and ultimately get more pets adopted! Happy posting!! 😸