Safety net fostering is a different kind of foster program being implemented in organizations across the country. A safety net foster program at your organization could mean the difference between a family having to surrender their beloved family pet or being able to keep them together. So what exactly is safety net fostering?

Safety net fostering is a foster program that works with people in your community going through a crisis that does not allow them to keep their pets due to their circumstances. A safety net fostering program at an animal shelter or animal rescue brings these pets into their organization’s care and places them in a safe and loving foster home until the pets can be reunited with their family.

Safety net fostering can be called different names. You may hear it being called emergency pet fostering or crisis fostering. However, no matter what your organization calls it, it does a tremendous service to your community. It provides families a safe place for their animals while they work to get back on their feet.

Animal shelters and animal rescues that implement this program typically have their own set of procedures to facilitate these types of programs. They will work with the individual or family to help assess the situation and determine the length and type of care the pet will need while in the safety net foster program. Many will work with a social worker or caseworker as well to help provide an emergency foster for the animal.

Safety net foster programs provide assistance to families and their pets for many different unforeseen circumstances. These could range from being financially unstable to a house fire or flood. No matter the circumstance, a safety net foster program is intended to preserve the bond between the family and their pet. No matter the situation, safety net fostering help to prevent permanent surrenders, so families are able to reunite with their beloved pets.

Safety net fostering works to keep families together.