If you are looking for international animal rescue software to help YOU manage your AWESOME rescue, look no further! Pawlytics is here to provide you with a solution that is customizable to wherever you may find yourself in this big old world!!

With Pawlytics, you now have control in your user and organization settings to make Pawlytics “local” to your animal rescue’s home base. You can customize your date and time settings, currency, units of measurement, address style, and country code. So, whether you find yourselves on the East Coast of the United States or the West Coast of Australia, Pawlytics will accurately track and display your data based on your custom settings. And, if you find yourself anywhere except America, Liberia, or Myanmar, you can switch over to the metric system! Check out the details of this feature below!

Organization Settings – By going into your organization’s settings, you can edit your address style, country code, currency, and units of measurement. These updates will display across all of Pawlytics, from entering an adopter’s address to adding the weights of your latest litter of rescue kittens.

User Settings – Every user in Pawlytics can customize their time format, date format, and time zone. Pawlytics will accurately track dates and times and display them in each user’s particular preference.

We know that animal rescue work is not confined to the 50 states that the Pawlytics team calls home. We have worked with multiple international animal rescues, and the passion and drive to make a difference for animals is no different. We are excited to offer a simple solution to help international animal rescues manage their data and operations.

We feel SO honored to be able to help enable life-saving efforts around the world! Here’s to making a difference for animals and the humans doing the life-saving all across this globe!!