If you’re reading this, application management for your animal rescue and animal shelter just got a whole PUP of a lot easier! We are excited to announce our new application form management tool for animal shelters and rescue!

To try out the new application feature, head on over to your Pawlytics account, and click on the “Applications” tab at the top of your screen. Upon entering your Pawlytics applications you will see new headers on each application. Applications that have not been assigned a status will be marked as “New”.

It’s easy to change each application’s status. Just click into the application you want to work in, click on the “Actions” button and click “Update Status”.

You are then given a comprehensive list of statuses to assign the application to streamline your application process.

You will see when the new status is assigned, the header is changed to reflect the chosen application status.

As you keep statuses on applications PUP to date, you are able to filter the applications based on their assigned status.

Use these statues to keep your animal rescue team on track, process more applications, and ultimately get more pets adopted! Ready to try this out?! If you haven’t tried Pawlytics before, start with a 14-day free trial. SIGN UP HERE!