We’re going to HOP right into it and introduce you to Suncoast House Rabbit Rescue. A rabbit rescue, based in Tampa Bay, FL ran by Sunje and Kurtis, all started back in 2010 when they found their first bunny who had clearly been left behind when his owners moved. They found him patiently waiting in front of its old patio door for their return. Sunje and Kurtis scooped him up, not knowing much about rabbits at the time, all they knew then was this little bunny couldn’t be left alone.

They started researching how to properly keep a rabbit and found him a friend after learning rabbits are actually very social animals. As years went by, Sunje and Kurtis spent time volunteering and sharing their knowledge on rabbit care with other people interested in adopting. Then finally, after volunteering with other rescues for 8 years and seeing that the need still far surpasses available rabbit rescues, they decided to start Suncoast House Rabbit Rescue. SHRR strives to give rabbits a home that satisfies their natural behaviors while educating people about the very specific needs of rabbits. While the care of dogs and cats seems to be more intuitive, rabbits require a more specialized approach.

“It is our aim to educate people that rabbits, while their care differs quite a bit from cats or dogs, nevertheless make great pets that should not be kept in cages,” Sunje said.

SHRR is unique by focusing on their foster to adopt program. SHRR gives families 90 days to decide whether or not rabbits are the right pet for them. During this period, SHRR provides all the supplies, including food and hay, so the people can learn about the unique character traits rabbits have. They find this helps ensure that the rabbits truly go to forever homes

SHRR takes in mostly rabbits that have been dumped, sadly a large number, and also helps in hoarding cases whenever possible. There are very few instances they are able to take in owner surrenders, but instead, try to lend the people wanting to re-home their rabbit a helping hand.

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area check out their foster page here. They are always looking for foster homes, the more committed fosters they have, the more rabbits they can rescue. Thanks for helping the sweet bunnies in the Tampa area, SHRR!! We love knowing there’s a fabulous rabbit rescue taking care of these rabbits in need!

Saving Quinn and Beatrice

House rabbits cannot survive in the wild. They are a completely different species from the American cottontail or hare species. Check out the rescue story of Quinn and Beatrice from Suncoast House Rabbit Rescue. Two three-month-old bunnies were found loose in two different neighborhoods in different cities, but right around the same time, and likely dumped after being Easter gifts, based on the timing and age of the rabbits.

In both bunnies’ cases, the people who found them agreed to foster them while SHRR tried to find them homes. When it was time for their spay/neuter surgeries, SHRR picked them up and took them to their surgeries, which happened to be on the same day and they spent their recovery time together. One day, SHRR took the two out for pictures and placed them next to each other. Quinn started grooming Beatrice immediately, a sign of affection. The two have been inseparable ever since and are waiting for their forever home who has the love, space, and patience for two high-energy bunny rabbits. Most recently, Beatrice and Quinn have made the move to the foster to adopt home. Within just a few minutes of arriving and agreeing it was a good place to be, they settled in for a sweet bunny nap.