Their sweet but tired eyes and grey fur around their muzzle tell us more than words ever could. A senior animal may never be able to tell us their life’s story, but when they end up at a shelter or rescue all we want to do is help them live their golden years in a home full of love. So, what can you, as an advocate for animals, do to help them get adopted?

We can start by doing everything in our power to promote a senior animal while helping change the perception the general public may have about senior animals. For people who have never cared for or owned a senior dog or cat, they may assume that they all come with medical problems. They might also be worried that they just won’t have enough time with the pet. Here’s how to prepare for these barriers when it comes to helping these sweet animals find their final home to enjoy their golden years.

Worried about the senior pet having medical problems:

Many times an older animal may need some extra TLC, and this can be a barrier for adoption. It can first be helpful to see if there is anything your organization can do to help mitigate the costs associated with caring for this pet. Can you offer them lower-cost prescriptions or discounted medical checkups? Can you connect them with a vet that may offer a discount for working with your rescue or shelter? If this is not an option, it can help to have your veterinarian have a conversation with the potential adopter. The veterinarian will be seen as an expert about the pet’s health to the potential adopter and can help explain what is going on with the pet. The vet will be able to talk through and ease any concerns about the pet’s health so the potential adopter is ready to take the old loving guy (or gal) home!

Worried that they won’t have enough time with the animal:

Ok, we all know, this is a tough one. Saying goodbye to an animal is one of the hardest things in life for many people. However, that doesn’t mean that a senior pet doesn’t deserve as much love and care as possible. When you are posting on social media or talking with a potential adopter, take the time to tell as much as you can about the senior pet’s story. Explain why they deserve a happy and caring family as much as the next young pet. Positioning a senior animal’s story in this type of light may make the difference in someone choosing to take home an older pet. Be the advocate for this senior animal!

You could also position the potential adopter as the hero in this animal’s story. Post that you are looking for a hero to bring light and life back into a senior animal’s life. You’ll be surprised at who is ready to step in and make a difference in this pet’s life!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, so what better reason to get more information out about the benefits of adopting a senior pet?! Want more tips for helping to ease barriers for adoption? Check out this article next!!

Working to help our sweet senior friends enjoy their golden years!