Fosters play a crucial role in the life-saving efforts of your rescue or shelter. The more fosters available, the more life saving that can be done. The form to become a foster is one of the first steps in growing your foster network.

You will notice we are using the word “form” instead of “application”. As we all move toward a more inclusive animal welfare world, knowing the more people we include the more lives we can save, we are choosing to not use the word application. These people are not applying for a job, but rather are volunteering to open their hearts and home to an animal in need. Thus, we are using the word form.

We have created a basic foster template form that you can see here. This form asks questions that are pertinent to placing the animal in the right home. Questions like noise level, how often you will be home, and the number of people and animals in the house are all important factors for placing an animal.

We also include a question asking the foster to acknowledge that we may be asking for them to provide marketing materials like photos or stories about the pet. This is a great first step for onboarding your fosters to help with your marketing efforts to get their foster pets adopted as quickly as possible! Click here for more tips for empowering your fosters to become your best marketers!

If you are in need of help creating and managing your foster forms, Pawlytics can be a great place to start! We are here to help you create, manage, and engage your fosters in your life-saving efforts!