We’ve been going back and forth about what to do as a company since our country hit the tipping point concerning racial injustice after the death of George Floyd. We thought, we’re still a fairly small company, does our voice really matter? Can we make a difference? Who will really care? But, we started Pawlytics to help the PEOPLE who are helping animals. Although we are a “pet company”, we are really here to empower the PEOPLE behind the lifesaving.

With this in mind, we do not feel comfortable idly sitting by and not working to fix the injustice in our country caused by racism. That is why we are posting this – to help and be an ally to people who are facing racism. We are here to help rescues dismantle outdated policies that are inherently racist, so in return, they CAN save more pets.

At Pawlytics we believe Black lives matter. We believe we must be anti-racist. Right now while we are still a young company, we must openly commit to building a diverse and hate-free company while also supporting diversity and anti-racism in the animal welfare realm.

We are making a commitment that we will not discriminate. We will work to build a diverse team comprised of the most amazing talent we can find regardless of what a person looks like. Our team will be inclusive of everyone. We will support personal and career growth regardless of the color of someone’s skin. This may be cheesy, but cats and dogs don’t judge each other by color, and neither will we.

For those involved with animal shelters and animal rescues, check out this blog. It lays out how to recognize and dismantle racism in the animal welfare space. It is truly a great read. We will continue to seek educational pieces like this to continue to learn and grow to be anti-racist. We hope you’ll join us.

When you aren’t racist you suddenly have a lot more homes you can put pets in.